RIDER-M Technical parameters

DimensionL:92mm W:43mm H:139.5mm
Operation current80mA
Operation temperature-20°C-50°C
Weight180g(Battery excluded)
Payload weight160g
Tilt axis mechanical movement range320°
Roll axis mechanical movement range80°
Pan axis mechanical movement range640°
Support cameras
ModelGoPro, Xiaomi Yi etc.
Maximum payload sizeH:42.3mm W:30mm
NameZhiyun Li-ion battery charger
Model18350 Li-ion battery charger
Input voltage5V
Charging current400mA
NameZhiyun Li-ion battery
Battery typeLi-ion
Whole battery weight21g(Single)
Charging temperature0°C-45°C
Discharge temperature-10°C-45°C
Storage temperature25°CRoom temperature
maximum charging current400mAh
Wireless remote controller
NameZhiyun wireless remote controller
Maximum valid signal range10m(No interference,No shelter)
Battery typeLi-ion
Charging pattern5V adapter or USB
Operation temperature0°C-40°C
Charging temperature-10°C-40°C
Mode switch


Pan following mode is the default mode. Single press the MODE button to switch pan following mode and locking mode. Double press the MODE button to enter pan and tilt following mode. Single press the MODE button again to go back to previous mode.

  • Pan and tilt following mode

    Roll axis is locked, tilt and pan axes rotate to follow the gimbal's movement. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust roll angle. (Remote controller or APP)

  • Locking mode

    All axes(pan, tile and roll) are locked and the gimbal faces in one direction only. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust tilt angle. (Remote controller or APP)

  • Pan following mode

    Pan axis(rotation left and right) following gimbal's movement, while the camera remains locked in tilt(up and down) and roll (level) to remain upright. In this mode, long press the UP/DOWN button to adjust tilt angle. (Remote controller or APP)

Zhiyun assistant
  • Requirements for mobile device versioniOS 8.0 or above,Android 4.3 or above

RIDER-M Download

Firmware download
  • Firmware upgrade package V1.50 2016-08-08ZIP
  • Rider-M user manual V1.05 2016-05-07PDF