Z1-RIDER can give GoPro recharge your batteries?
     2015-06-30 22:08:12   

Recently, Many Customers Have Come To Ask Us This Question: Zhiyun Z1-Rider Can Give GoPro Recharge Your Batteries? Give On This Issue, We Hereby Certify That: Zhiyun First Out Of The Z1-Rider Is Not Charging Port But We Should Recommend And Needs Of Ou

    Recently, many customers have come to ask us this question: Zhiyun Z1-Rider can give GoPro recharge your batteries? Give on this issue, we hereby certify that: Zhiyun first out of the Z1-Rider is not charging port. But we should recommend and needs of our friends and customers we made changes in the original basis, in April this year to our Z1-Rider adds to GoPro charging. Also we hope that more customers and users continue to focus on our products and provide valuable comments and suggestions.
The following is a comparison of the changes we're old Z1-Rider after:

之前 2015年4月份后
没有GoPro充电功能 新增GoPro充电功能
圆线的充电线 扁平的充电线(整理起来更为整齐美观)
按键板 表面细致化,质感化超级细腻的材料
全封闭相框 半开式相框(更易于拆装GoPro)
两层式包装 包装简化(更易拿)


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