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Zhiyun Announces CRANE-M2, the Most Versatile Compact Stabilizer

Multi-device compatibility, great portability, infinite possibilities



Shenzhen, China, July 22, 2019, Zhiyun, the world’s leading gimbal manufacturer, is pleased to announce the compact and versatile CRANE-M2 camera stabilizer. The CRANE-M2’s unprecedented all-in-one design can work with multiple devices including compact digital cameras, light mirrorless cameras, mobile phones, and action cameras. With enhanced camera control via WiFi and Bluetooth, inspirational new videomaking modes, long eight hour battery life, fingertip control, and the ease-of-use of its intuitive OLED display, the CRANE-M2 is a revolution in affordable camera stabilization technology.




One stabilizer to rule them all


Traditionally, artists have had to use different stabilizers for different kinds of equipment – increasing their costs, and increasing the weight and complexity of their working tools. But the CRANE-M2 is a single stabilizer that works with multiple devices (a dedicated accessory is required for mounting mobile phones or action cameras).


Compact, portable, easy


The smart balancing system of the CRANE-M2 is an answer to the fast pace of the filming world. CRANE-M2’s new quick release plate makes it much easier to remove the camera from the stabilizer and remount the camera. The scale mark and positioning memory lock mean that balancing and setup only take seconds, so you won’t miss a shot while you recalibrate. For easy portability, the unique pin and latch design also prevents the axes from swinging around during storage, which lets the CRANE-M2 fold up and lock quickly to fit into a backpack or even a pocket.


The CRANE-M2 is small and compact while still having powerful motors to deal with multiple devices or scenarios. The handle provides a comfortable grip and gives easy access to all the controls at your fingertips, right on the handle. For example with a single push of the slider on the handle, you can zoom to capture smooth footage at a distance. Meanwhile, a glance at the bright, intuitive OLED display is enough to see the gimbal mode, Bluetooth and WIFI status, battery level and other important parameters.


Take control and expand your creative palette


As well as the three basic modes Pan Follow (PF), Follow (F) and Lock (L), Zhiyun’s CRANE-M2 offers some inspiring features for even more creativity. Full-Range POV Mode allows 360° synchronous movement on all three axes, providing an unprecedented visual experience for the creator. Vortex Mode gives video makers the freedom to create 360° barrel shots in all dimensions. Go Mode is ideal for sports and action because it allows a fast pan or tilt to capture fast moving subjects like a football player or a flying bird, without missing anything. And Selfie mode allows you to quickly turn the camera 180° to face yourself – perfect for vloggers.


Expand and connect


CRANE-M2’s WiFi and Bluetooth features provide seamless wireless camera control through the gimbal handle and Zhiyun’s exclusive app. The ZY PLAY app opens up a new world of filmmaking, as well as remote control, and advanced functions including timelapse, panorama and Vertigo shot.


CRANE-M2’s convenient ¼-inch threaded holes make it easy to attach audio, lighting and monitoring equipment to make your personal mobile studio complete. The battery runtime of up to 8 hours can keep everything working non-stop. CRANE-M2 itself can charge cameras, phones and other devices, and it can also be charged from a power bank or other source.


Pricing and availability


Zhiyun’s new CRANE-M2 retails at $269 and will be available for sale on Zhiyun official stores and at major photo retailers in US including B&H and Best Buy.


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