Zhiyun Announces Special Holiday Opportunities

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Zhiyun, the world's leading gimbal manufacturerannounces their Holiday Promotions for their leading gimbal products. The special offer will be available in Zhiyun official stores across the world from November 21 - December 4 for all products except the newly launched WEEBILL-S, which be specially priced for only 4 days starting from November 29.


Zhiyun has quite the selection of gimbals on special including the WEEBILL-S, the new lightweight but powerful gimbal with significant compatibility; the CRANE-M2, the most compact and versatile gimbaland the smartphone gimbal SMOOTH 4 packed with cine-style functions. The WEEBILL-S was recently released but has already impressed the market with 300% improvement in motor torque while remaining compact. The upgraded image transmission module with control system aims to deliver a brand new shooting experience, and newly added Sync Motion unleashes more creativity in video creation. SMOOTH 4 turns smartphone into a professional filmmaking camera, giving users stable and cinematic shots. CRANE-M2, the best entry-level gimbal is compatible with point-and-shoot, light mirrorless cameras and smartphones. The beginner-friendly operation and versatile functions make it an ideal choice as a Black Friday gift.


Apart from these 3 gimbals being the focus products for Zhiyun's Holiday Promotions, there are also discounts on the WEEBILL-S Zoom and Focus Pro Package, the WEEBILL-S Image Transmission Pro Package. Buyers will enjoy a 33% discount on the CRANE 3 LAB and the included packages.


Also available as part of the Holiday Promotions are the SMOOTH-Q2, the CRANE 2, and the CRANE Plus. All Zhiyun gimbals are spectacular in their own right but these specials available during the promotional period stated below are truly magical for anyone wishing to get into video making on a budget.


Please find below details about the selected discounts for each product and when the discount will be available at Zhiyun Black Friday Promotions.




Promotion Price

Smooth 4






Weebill-S Zoom&Focus Pro Package


Weebill-S Image Transmission Pro Package


Crane 3 LAB


Smooth Q2


Crane 2


Crane Plus


Crane 3 LAB Creator Package


Crane 3 LAB Master Package




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