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Zhiyun Presents the New SMOOTH-Q2, CRANE-M2, and WEEBILL-S at InterBEE 2019

Shenzhen, China, November 04, 2019 – Zhiyun, the world’s most popular gimbal brand for cameras and smartphones, will be present at InterBEE 2019 in Chiba City, Japan for three days to promote and evangelize the tiny giant WEEBILL-S, the ultra strong SMOOTH-Q2 and the all-in-one CRANE-M2 multi-device gimbals. Visit Zhiyun at the Makuhari Messe at Japan in Hall 4 at booth 4309 from November 13-15, 2019. Zhiyun will also be holding daily workshops and lucky draw prizes.


SMOOTH-Q2, the ultimate small and ultra-strong mobile gimbal

Handheld and sized for the pocket, the SMOOTH-Q2 can help any person transform into a top filmmaker. Zhiyun’s ultra-lightweight, easy to carry SMOOTH-Q2 is the most compact and mobile gimbal device by Zhiyun and it is always because of its versatile functions, it's always ready at the draw. The Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q2’s unique clip design transforms any smartphone into a professional camera in seconds. The Q2 is no ordinary gimbal as it features easy-to-use pro features like object tracking, time lapse, slow motion, and a full-range POV mode ideal for budding filmmakers wanting something small and nimble. Using these advanced gimbal add-ons defines your life special event recordings and makes sharing your world experiences a touch better.


The built-in battery runs for 17 hours on one charge and the micro-USB port allows you to charge phones, cameras and other devices while attached to the phone. The conveniently located control panel has an intuitive LED mode indicator, 5-way quick mode-switching joystick, photo & record buttons, and a ¼ inch screw hole to add accessories. The SMOOTH-Q2 is able to control iOS and Android native phone cameras for photo/video taking via Bluetooth.


Unlike other gimbals the SMOOTH-Q2 is made from aluminium alloy using CNC technology with enhanced motor durability, reducing weight making it lightweight and nimble, and greatly improving reliability and longevity.


Read more about the SMOOTH-Q2 from our product page.


CRANE-M2 All-in-one Supremacy

Zhiyun brings mobile connectivity to a whole new level with the CRANE-M2. It works with compact digital and light mirrorless cameras. Using the dedicated accessory, you can also add a mobile phone or action camera to it therefore this single stabilizer is truly a multiple device gimbal. The CRANE-M2 goes against the norm by revolutionizing gimbal technology with inspirational video-making modes, enhanced WiFi and Bluetooth camera controls 8 hours of battery life, simple controls, a simple and easy-to-use OLED display while offering it at an economically-priced selling point.


The CRANE-M2 folds and locks to fit easily into a backpack and fits snug into your pants pocket. Filming can be tricky at times but keeping the video motion steady at all times requires skills. Luckily the CRANE-M2 gimbal provides smart balancing with a quick release mechanism making it easier to remove cameras to remount elsewhere.

CRANE-M2’s small and compact size houses a powerful motor ready to deal with a wide range of devices and situations including Vortex Mode for dramatic roll effects, Go Mode for sports and action scenes, Full-Range POV, and vlogger-friendly selfie mode. The comfortable grip is nice at the touch and gives you easy access to all controls at your fingertips.


For more information on the CRANE-M2 visit the dedicated webpage.


WEEBILL-S Lightweight but Feature Rich

Also, at the exhibition is the newly released WEEBILL-S, a new generation of gimbal which is more powerful and syncs in real-time. The WEEBILL-S is a powerful torqued gimbal which is 50% more responsive than other gimbals in its category and users can attach camera accessories like the Sony’s A7III+FE 24-70mm F2.8  or Canon’s 5D4+EF 20-70mm F2.8 lenses for unlimited possibilities. The WEEBILL-S unique sling mode allows you to switch between high or low angle shots and it is able to recognize attached weight to apply the correct motor strength for better accurate shots.


The new TransMount Image module provides clarity with 1080p at 30fps, 100 meter max image transmission with LUT, pseudo coloring, focus peak, and zebra adjustments for professional monitoring and live streaming.


Zhiyun is not stopping there as the new ViaTouch and SmartFollow 2.0 offers some interesting advantages including smart connection between smartphone and camera, control and record video, and adjust camera parameters. SmartFollow 2.0 allows you to select an object or yourself from the ViaTouch 2.0 interface and the camera and gimbal will follow the object’s movement or you with ultra-low latency giving you cinematic experiences.


Zhiyun’s WEEBILL-S is lightweight and the quick release allows for faster transitions between equipment without re-balancing. The latch design gives each axis locking capability for better balancing adjustments and storage.


The WEEBILL-S can run on one charge for 14 hours straight and still charge a camera in real-time especially when you need to keep shooting throughout the day.


Read more information about WEEBILL-S product feature page.


Zhiyun at InterBEE 2019

Visit with Zhiyun and experience the unprecedented SMOOTH-Q2, CRANE-M2, and WEEBILL-S

Date: 2019/11/13-15

Booth: Hall4 / Booth 4309

Venue: Makuhari Messe



Zhiyun Tech is a pioneer and a world leader in gimbals and stabilizers for both professional filmmakers and personal video creators. Zhiyun’s innovative solutions and dedication to delivering products that go beyond customers’ expectations strengthen the belief that everyone can be an excellent filmmaker with the right gimbal to equip with their shooting device. Learn more about Zhiyun Tech at or check us out on Facebook:@ZhiyunGlobal or follow us on Instagram: @Zhiyun_Tech

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