Make your phone camera PRO
Innovative Handwheel for Precise Camera Settings

Designed with a unique handwheel on its control panel, Smooth 3 allows various camera settings in fingertips, including exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focusing, rendering real-time precise control of both the camera and stabilizer.


Exposure Settings

Adjust ISO

Unprecedented Max. 260g Payload

Empowered by the 5th Instune Algorithmic System which realizes 40% increase in motor torque and 35% improvement in respond speed compared to previous versions, Smooth 3 sets up a new benchmark in the industry supporting a max. payload of 260g. This not only significantly improves its system stability, but also allows more extensive phone shooting applications with various add-on options, such as external lens, portable lamp or microphone.


Motor Torque Increase


Respond Speed Increase


Max. Payload

Real-time Mobile Charging thru Gimbal

A 5V/1000mA power output port on Smooth 3 allows convenient real-time charging to smartphone, enhancing both the portability and practicability of phone-shooting to utmost extent.

Record-breaking 14-hour Runtime

Smooth 3 comes standard with one 26650 rechargeable battery, supporting unprecedented ultra-long continuous runtime up to 14 hours. Meanwhile, the Micro USB power port at the side of the handle allows convenient charging from direct power source via a USB port.

USB convenient charging

14 Hours Runtime

26650 Rechargeable Battery

Dedicated APP with Multiple Intelligent Functions

The newly upgraded smartphone APP - ZY Play - not only allows customized parameter settings for photo/video shooting and gimbal controls, allowing more subtle adjustments with exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and multi-style filters etc., but further supports multiple intelligent functions, including time lapse, long exposure, panoramic imaging and more to make your phone a real film-making device.

Time Lapse

Long Exposure

Multiple Filters

Innovative 2-way Mobile Clamp

Elaborately engineered using top-grade aluminum material processed through high-precision CNC machining, all operations on Smooth 3 are guaranteed with outstanding smoothness. The unique 2-way mobile clamp design allows easy switch of mounting direction, either horizontal or vertical, to adapt various application needs.