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ZHIYUN’s March into Japanese Market

A Successful Debut in Japan IT Week 2018


ZHIYUN, as a leading developer and manufacturer in the gimbal stabilizer industry, made its debut in the 27th Japan IT Week Spring during the period of 9th to 11th May. ZHIYUN’s latest smartphone stabilizer Smooth 4, flagship camera stabilizer Crane 2Crane Plus and action camera stabilizer Evolution  were shown and have attracted much attention from visitors to the trade show. 


ZHIYUN staff in Japan IT Week Spring



About Japan IT Week

Japan IT Week is the world’s leading trade show which serves as a perfect platform for customers to meet the latest IT technologies and solutions. As one of the largest ICT international exhibition in the world, it covers various types of topics including IoT, software & Apps development, embedded systems, mobile solutions, direct commerce solutions, etc. 



As a leading stabilizer company in China, ZHIYUN attended the exhibition with over 1700 brands from all over the world, to present cutting-edge technologies and innovative products to visitors.




Japan has led the science and technology industry for a long time and it is considered as a pioneering country in mechanics, electronics, robotics and automation. However, gimbal stabilizer is still quite new to Japanese market and few have heard this kind of product before. ZHIYUN’s products, with the stylish look and outstanding performance, have drawn visitors’ attention in the exhibition. Japanese customers were intrigued to engage in using these products to take photos and videos, which became a highlight in the exhibition.




Billed as “Born for Mobile Filmmakers”, Smooth 4 integrated an unprecedented follow focus handwheel on its body, which enables smooth zooming and precise focusing by rotating the handwheel. A brand new control panel is introduced in Smooth 4, allowing users to control the camera and set various parameters through the hot keys. This ground-breaking interface design makes the operation easier and more convenient. 





The Japanese people put much emphasis on family bonding as well as traveling. Therefore, devices that facilitate family portrait taking and family video recording are in great demand. Smooth 4, for its outstanding stability, unique functions and simple operation which significantly meet the demands in mobile filmmaking, is definitely an eye-catching product among ZHIYUN product series. The ivory white option of Smooth 4, for its flashy appearance, is especially the most popular.





Along with Smooth 4, ZHIYUN’s flagship products, professional camera stabilizers, Crane 2 and Crane Plus have also been highly complimented by visitors for its excellent stability performance, innovative design, high quality and easy operation. 





Nowadays social media has moved from using text to pictures, and now videos. The whole environment is very conducive to the entire video production industry and making we media much more centered around video. This, in turn, is making stability absolutely crucial. Before, stabilizers were maybe more of a tool for professional filmmakers or studios, but in the future it's going to become a low-cost consumer product that everyone can use to produce film-grade videos.





During the Japan IT Week, ZHIYUN was invited to an interview by CCTV. The interview revealed that ZHIYUN’s products are commonly used in video making for media and professional filmmaking companies and they can be applied in a wide variety of occasions, even suitable for filming extreme sports. ZHIYUN is the greatest player of the stabilizer market which controls over 70% of market share. Its demonstration in Japan IT Week declares ZHIYUN’s marching into the Japanese market, which will fill the void in the market.


Wang Sheng, the vice president of ZHIYUN, said Chinese companies are ahead of the pack in the stabilizer industry, and it’s hard for people to find outstanding companies like ZHIYUN in the US, Japan, or Europe. This is the real “Made in China”, where we're no longer talking about copy to China, but copy from China. Our products are gaining recognition around the world and this again shows that Chinese products are taking center stage internationally.


To watch the interview, please click the picture or directly visit:


Wang Sheng, the Vice President of ZHIYUN was interviewed by CCTV



During the trade show, the marketing representatives from Yamada Denki visited ZHIYUN’s booth. Yamada Denki is one of the Fortune Global 500, meanwhile the largest consumer electronics retailer chain in Japan and the second biggest electronics retailer chain in the world. It reached a preliminary cooperation intent with ZHIYUN. In this June, Yamada flagship store in plans to hold a large offline event to involve customers to experience ZHIYUN’s products, in order to further explore the stabilizer market in both China and Japan. 



The marketing representatives from Yamada and ZHIYUN staff



For ZHIYUN, expansion to the Japanese market is an opportunity, meanwhile, a challenge. However, with confidence, determination and energy, ZHIYUN will eventually overcome the barriers and infuse the innovative technology into the market.