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Accessorize Weebill LAB to Elevate your Footage

Brand partnerships in NAB 2019 that seriously upgrade your gear


Zhiyun, one of the world’s most popular and outstanding gimbal brands for cameras and smartphones, attended NAB 2019 in Las Vegas during April 8th – 11th.


In this grand gathering, Zhiyun partnered with SmallRig, Hollyland, Saramonic and Laowa to give away over 800 gift bags and up to $3500 grand raffle prizes, which attracted a huge flow and triggered a fancy.



During NAB show, it was a high time when Zhiyun invited a dancing model in the booth for all filmmakers to facilitate their shooting skills. Zhiyun also demonstrated a whole new Weebill LAB setup with SmallRig handgrip, Hollyland Mars 300 and Saramonic Vmic Mini, mounted on Zhiyun TransMount telescopic monopod with locking buckles, which illustrates “more is better”.



Zhiyun Weebill LAB stands out as a versatile, lightweight gimbal for mirrorless cameras. The unique handle design enables filmmakers to enter underslung mode easily, making low angle to high angle shooting a breeze. You can mount SmallRig wood handgrip designed for Weebill LAB as an additional second handgrip, while at the bottom you can mount Zhiyun TransMount telescopic monopod. SmallRig handle integrates with a cold shoe on the top for microphone, such as Saramonic Vimic Mini, capturing superb audio recording for videos. In the run-and-gun dancing filming, it is crucial to present a stable and reliable view in real time. Hollyland Mars 300 serves as a compact wireless transmission system perfect for Weebill LAB for high definition quality video streaming.





Zhiyun Weebill LAB:

Zhiyun TransMount telescopic monopod with locking buckle:

Hollyland Mars 300:

Saramonic Vimic Mini:

SmallRig Handle for Weebill LAB:

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