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ZHIYUN Blog: 3 Cooking Video Shots Perfectly Done with a Gimbal

A few months ago, filmmaker James Matthew shared the Behind the Scenes of cocktail making video using creative camera moves and transitions integrated with sound effects. Inspired by this video, Daniel Schiffer filmed a similar topic but implemented his own style and flavor, which already hit 2 million views!


Epic food B-roll series went viral on YouTube, here we have some good examples coffee B-roll by Peter McKinnon, poker B-roll by Peter Lindgren, etc. If you are in entry-level, today we bring you 3 fabulous cooking video shots that can be easily done with a gimbal, either a smartphone gimbal or a camera gimbal.


360° Roll Shots


The script of cooking video usually starts with preparing the ingredients. For this part, we can show how these ingredients come together in a dynamic way instead of putting them together straightly on a flat surface.


The model holds the ingredients (like strawberries, walnuts in a bowl) and the cameraman stands higher with the gimbal. Set the gimbal into vortex mode (360° rolling) or POV mode (roll axis rolls to a certain angle). Start shooting when the model throws the ingredients upwards.



3D Orbit Shots


If your friend is good at juggling, let’s add this into the sequence, and give it an immersive effect! Set the gimbal into POV mode (all axis follow your movement). When your friend starts juggling the orange, apple or anything in round shape, you start shooting like drawing a big circle around him.



POV Shots


If the food cutting shots are directly from up to down, it may be boring and a bit violent. How to be creative and detailed? Let’s shoot from the knife. Set the gimbal into POV mode and hold the gimbal horizontally. Then slowly roll back to upright to shoot the knife – the man grabs the knife – the man cuts the food.  



Check out the full video: Last tip: don’t forget to find a friend or family member who cooks well before making the cooking video!

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