Gimbal S
Boundary Crossed
Greater Compatibility
Our pursuit of portability and performance has never ceased. This time, we push the limit even further on compatibility.
Sony A7III +24-70mm F2.8,Canon 5D Mark IV+24-70mm F2.8,Canon EOS R+24-105mm F4, Nikon Z6+24-70mm F2.8, and Panasonic S1+24-105mm F4, and more!
More surprises in compatibility all come in once!
Light and Compact
In 2018, WEEBILL LAB, a stabilizer featuring a unique versatile structure, weighs at only 0.9kg with a A4-paper-sized body, made its first foray into the market.
This time, with compact size and versatile structure, we strike again!
Stay tuned.
Weight Size
Portable and Stable
Upgraded motor, innovative structure, and faster responsiveness will bring you an effortless yet stable filmmaking experience.
Following Mode
Lock Mode
Full-range POV Mode
Vortex Mode
Go Mode
Motor Torque
Gimbal S
Mainstream Stabilizers for Mirrorless Camera
Response Speed
Gimbal S
Mainstream Stabilizers for Mirrorless Camera
Motor Torque Improved to: 300%
Response Speed Improved by: 50%
More Ways to Create
Locking mechanism, angled axis design, two-in-one quick release plate, full-range POV mode.
The only limit is your imagination. What else features do you want?
Step up the Games
Object tracking, image transmission, motion-sensor control?
With a new module design, these advanced features will be all included, and even better than your imagination!
Hold your breath!
All in a Glance
OLED display gives you more intuitive and direct control over every detail.
Expanded Accessories
Focus motors, phone holder, quick release kit, extension ring...expect more!
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