Meet SMOOTH-X in #SmoothXperience Activity

To celebrate the launch of Zhiyun SMOOTH-X, Zhiyun created #SmoothXperience Activity across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to invite people to experience the new gimbal. 18 lucky people in the comments were selected to be gifted a brand new Smooth-X. They will be the first to experience SMOOTH-X and share their footages in actual use and sincere opinions.



What will you do with the SMOOTH-X if you receive one?

Let’s see what people think…


@Iam Vinzoi: Would love to do a documentary film with my wife as she is giving birth to our first baby on few weeks time. It would be a great gadget to treasure in creating memories to our first little one.

@Pankaz Kaushik: I run a YouTube channel and make traveling Videos. Probably I will shoot a video in my neighborhood showing the current life situation in a little story as life is coming back to little normal. This gimbal seems really portable and pocket size so this would be my go to gimbal every time. This would help me in creating cinematic videos. Thank you! Always a big fan of Zhiyun.


@Kenneth-Melissa Paula Javier: Just finished my mobile filiming workshop online and I am really really wanting this gimbal since it is very light and compact. If ever I'm going to receive one, I will pursue my A Day In A Life - as a Stay at home and home schooling mom and make a 60 sec video. 😊 you may check this hashtag #FYDITLMKJ to see my video output from that workshop. 


@Ameer HossainIf i receive one it will be a perfect companion for me on my trekking trips. Definitely gonna use it for nature/exploration videos.


Check out all the lucky guys in our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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