ZHIYUN: The Special Mobile Gimbal for Your Christmas

The Christmas season is quickly approaching. As the most important festival of the year, people often choose the best Christmas gift for their family and friends. Since there are many Christmas gift choices available in the market, selecting a special Christmas gift can be tricky sometimes. This year, instead of spending hours selecting Christmas gifts online, scouring the internet, or worse, panic buying at the last moment, here is the special for your Christmas option.

The ZHIYUN Christmas gift list 2020


Smooth X

Smooth X is a pocket-sized mobile gimbal build to record the daily moment in life. It can capture the mobile shooting in a casual style and fulfill the moment's beauty behind the lens.


The Smooth X series has a gorgeous appearance. You can get it in both white and gray. What is more, the Smooth X equip with ZY Cami, smart mode, gesture control, and object tracking, which makes the filming interesting and delightful. The ability to rotate the head of the mobile gimbal to the portrait orientation helps make Smooth X an indispensable toolkit for any vlogger.


During the Christmas sale, the Smooth X series is up to 20 % off, making them $49.99. Besides the user-friendly systems, the affordable price tag makes this mobile gimbal a perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their daily vlogging.



Smooth Q2

SmoothQ2 is one of the lightest mobile gimbals on the market. It can fold into a 20.4cm package, which further improved the comfort experience of the user.


Despite the ultra-low weight, Smooth Q2 is capable of a long 8-hour run time. It also supports two-way charging and can reverse charge your smartphone. In this case, Smooth Q2 can support you to capture and record the moments anywhere, anytime.


It is not just a lightweight and long standby time that is attractive. Smooth Q2 is the first mobile gimbal to realize the Full-Range POV in smart phone stabilizer, which enable video makers to create 360-degree barrel shots.


What is more, Smooth Q2 is also featured with Vortex Mode, slow motion, panorama, and more, making it a wonderful choice for the filmmaker. During the Christmas Sale, the promotion of Smooth Q2 will be over 20% off. So, do not hesitate to buy it!



Smooth 4

Smooth 4 is an advanced mobile gimbal designed to turn your mobile device into a professional filmmaking camera.


The Smooth 4's spring-loaded clamp can effortlessly accommodate even the largest phones, and its nicely sculpted ergonomic handle is perfectly fit for prolonged use. Besides, Smooth 4 has a long-lasting battery (a long 12-hour battery life), making it easy to handle the demands of continuous filming.


Smooth 4 is the cell phone stabilizer specially designed for professional time-lapse filming, such as moving time-lapse, making the best transition for the story. There is also a special function – Vertigo that can perspective-shifting dolly zoom effect. Smooth 4 has won the CES Asia Innovation Award by providing pro-level shooting methods and intelligent shooting options.


During the Christmas sale, Smooth 4 is up to 10% off. If your friend is a filmmaking fanatic, it would be the perfect choice for your Christmas gift.





The Crane M2 comes with 3-axis mobile gimbal, 7-hour long battery life, and an ultra-portable design. The Crane-M2 can be set in six modes: PF Mode, F Mode, L Mode, POV Mode, Vortex Mode, GO Mode. It can also compact with the mobile phone, mirrorless camera, digital camera, and motion camera, which perfectly meet the different filming scenarios.



Crane-M2 is blending the lightweight build with an impressive depth of functionality. What is more, Crane-M2's unique locking pin and latch design prevent the axes from swinging around during travel. It has won the German IF Design Award and realizes the full range POV. During the sales promotion, the Crane-M2 is currently $80 off which is rarely seen before. Above all, Crane-M2 is perfectly fit for casual use.





Christmas season is upon us. As one of the world's leading professional stabilization manufacturer, ZHIYUN guarantees you to find the special Christmas gift for your family and friends.

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