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Fashion Film Created by Mad Media Madrid Shot with ZHIYUN Crane 3S

Mad Media Madrid was creating a fashion film and the team decided to use Zhiyun Crane 3S and TransMount Image Transmission System to complete the shots. Watch a Behind the Scenes of the film here



Could you please introduce Mad Media Madrid and the idea behind this fashion video?

Born in 2012, Mad Media Madrid is a team of young professionals specialized in videography and photography, dedicated to audiovisual production. Clients include ArmaniHapper’s BazaarElizabeth Arden, etc.


This is a conceptual fashion film, combining motorbikes with the world of fashion.

Why did you choose ZHIYUN Crane 3S for this fashion film?

First we need a gimbal that can support heavy BMPCC 4K and endure a whole day of shooting. Second, to complete the motorbike chasing shots, we need to shoot inside another vehicle so we don’t want something beefy. Zhiyun Crane 3S with modular design and cross-compatibility can pack smaller and is easier to transport.   




How did you manage to mount Crane 3S for the needs of shooting?

Both SmartSling handle and EasySling handle were mounted onto the gimbal to support the heavy setup. To pull focus more accurately and remotely, we added Zhiyun’s focus motor and Zhiyun TransMount Image Transmission System. Zhiyun Crane 3S handle the whole setup very well.  



Why do you think ZHIYUN Crane 3S is qualified for professional projects?

Crane 3S is robust and strong, and the transmission system was of big help in this project. The innovative system put our whole team on the same page during the shoot. On one hand, the cameraman operated the gimbal without assistance; and on the other hand, the director that was me in this case, could be watching the footage streaming to monitor. Additionally, the focus puller controlled the focus independently. In some tricky circumstances where the cameraman did not have a clear vision of the frame, the second operator can re-frame the footage thanks to the sync motion feature of the system.


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