ZY Cami
Film It Anyway
ZY Cami is a versatile app that provides a comprehensive and intuitive solution for mobile filmmakers to create, edit and share their videos. Leave the long learning curve and exhausting preparation to our engineering team while you dive into the fun of video creating!
Unleash Creativity
To enrich your way of visual storytelling, ZY Cami offers a variety of creative modes for you. Simply tap your subject on screen and let SMOOTH-X do the rest, SmartFollow 2.0 will always keep your subject in view and in focus. Panorama mode allows you to capture the grandeur of landscapes while Timeplapse, Hyperlapse and Motionlapse modes add to your video more dimensions and perspectives.
Gesture Control on Your Camera
Get control of your gimbal whether in hands or not. Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture or waving to camera with your palm.
Various Video Templates within App
The new SMART Mode offers a plethora of built-in templates integrated with customized movements, music, and other special effects. Now, everyone can be a master of filmmaking.
One-Touch Beautification
Not in your best condition? No worries, ZY Cami gets you covered with just one touch on the beautification button. Besides, you can also customize beautify settings to meet your needs in different scenarios.
Easy Editing
With an intuitive editing interface, ZY Cami provides tons of features, like templates, transitions, special effects, filters, captions, stickers, music, and etc, to cater for the needs of filmmakers of all levels.
ZHIYUN Lightollector
Share your videos with fellow filmmakers on Lightollector. Lightollector gathers the works of millions of filmmakers and enthusiasts. Join us to get inspired and inspire others!
Supported Model
IOS 1.4.8
iOS 11.0 or higher version is required.
Supported model: iPhone 12 Pro Max、iPhone 12 Pro、iPhone 12、iPhone 11 Pro max、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11、iPhone SE 2020、iPhone XS max、iPhone XS、iPhone XR、iPhone X、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone 8
Android 1.5.7
Android 7.0 or higher version is required.
Supported model: HUAWEI P20、HUAWEI P10、HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro、HUAWEI Mate 10、HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro、HUAWEI Mate 9、Honor 10、Honor 9、Vivo NEX、Mi MIX 2S、Mi 8、Mi 6、OnePlus 6T、OnePlus 5T、Google Pixel 2 XL、Google Pixel 2
*Device compatibility list is subject to update; Specific function availability seen on the product page accordingly.