ZHIYUN X Wondershare: Gimbal Cinematic Shots You Can Try

ZHIYUN X Wondershare: Gimbal Cinematic Shots You Can Try 

Video content creation is no longer child's play that one can take for granted, especially as we now have more people becoming professional YouTubers and social media content creators to share moments.  In the same light, competition to create stunning gimbal cinematic shots is as strife as ever. Even without pro gear but with just a smartphone, the best results are in the highest demand.


That’s why ZHIYUN and Wondershare collaborate to produce the best gimbal cinematic shots.

Why Are Smartphone Stabilizers Getting Popular These Days?

Aside from the powerful lenses and stabilization that is built into smartphones today, it just isn’t enough to get rid of unsteady shots. There is also a growing need to get rid of shaky footage to create gimbal cinematic shots on mobile devices. And this is where a smartphone gimbal comes into the fray.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Smartphone gimbals provide an effective solution to realize gimbal cinematic shots that might encounter a wide range of movements, whether sudden or deliberate, thus adding quality and professionalism to the final footage.


Using ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 for Stable Video Shots

Although there may be several options when it comes to gimbals that enable filmmakers to attain gimbal cinematic shots, the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 takes the entire shooting experience to a whole new level.


For starters, its 3-axis motors enable filmmakers to shoot various types of gimbal moves — tilt, pan, or roll, all the while ensuring that the smartphone camera is stable. The ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 also comes with several modes that act on these motors to ensure that your desired object is in focus even while moving.


The end results are footage that is smooth, stable, and free from unwanted shaking, which will definitely take your shooting to a whole new level.


What Can We Gain from Filmora X & ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3?

A combo of the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 and Filmora X is the perfect example of a seamless shooting experience. Once you have used ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 and its different modes to create the variety shots you desire, you can take the creativity of your output up a notch during post-production with Filmora X.


Some of the features you can add to your shots include:

1. Video editing - The most robust attribute of Filmora X is its video editing functionality. The app allows you to cut and merge all your shots on a dedicated timeline to create wholesome films. You also have access to various video transitions and other presets within the app to make your footage pop and be cinematic.


2. Audio Upgrades - Filmora X allows creators to edit the audio properties of their shots, sync audio from external sources, reduce external background noise that is undesirable from the footage, and many more. All these can be done from the app with just a few clicks.


3. Animations - Take advantage of Filmora X’s vast array of animations to make your footage come to life. The app also gives creators the freedom to customize these animations as they seem fit to make original content that can garner the attention of the audience.


4. Special effects - Mask effects, filters, warping effects, etc., you name it! Filmora X has a large library of special effects dedicated to making your footage vibrant and entertaining. Creators no longer need to export their videos to other apps in order to access certain effects.


5. Professional color grading - Anyone with film experience knows how important color grading and correction is to the final footage. Filmora X enables creators to explore their creative side with its color options. They can easily adjust settings like exposure, shadows, mid-tones to suit their preference or adopt the auto-correction option to apply the perfect conditions to their footage.  


The possibilities of what filmmakers can achieve by combining the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q3 and Filmora X are almost limitless, making it a perfect choice for beginners due to the extensive array of tools and features on both products.


Get More from Your Software and Accessory

Creating cinematic shots with gimbals requires a certain level of effort, but you can shorten this journey by getting help from expert content creators. From modern shooting techniques to exploring additional modes, features, and even updates on your smartphone's gimbal, the best place to get these resources is ZHIYUN's YouTube channel.


And the same goes for those interested in improving their video editing techniques. Visit Wondershare’s YouTube channel for informative content on additional features, updates, and even regular giveaways. See More Here

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