WEEBILL 2 & SMOOTH 5 Appeared at Digital Day 2022 Hosted By Directors Guild of America

WEEBILL 2 and SMOOTH 5 appeared at Digital Day 2022! The event has been hosted since 2003 by Directors Guild of America to provide members with experience sharing as well as innovative technology demonstrations on filming and productions. This year, the event returned to Guild’s Los Angeles headquarters on August 27.

The event features talks and presentations by many guests including a sharing via video from visionary director James Cameron about his Avatar sequel, and directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert from Everything Everywhere All at Once who joined the event and discussed the creative use of special and visual effects. Various TV directors have also put virtual production into the discussion.

Later in the event, the Exhibits & Hands-On Demos feature multiple on-trend exhibits and inventive technology. As the 3-axis camera gimbal appeared in the event, WEEBILL 2 adopts powerful chip that precisely compensates any micro-jittery, providing a smoother follow and a quicker response when filming with your camera. The built-in retractable & flip-out full-color touch screen allows you to adjust parameters and monitor all shooting angles with just a few taps. Along with WEEBILL 2, the smartphone gimbal SMOOTH 5 is made for your smartphone film shooting. The joystick and adjustment wheel provide a better experience for users to check and adjust status on the fly.

The event is to give a platform for visual directors to connect with other industry leaders. It also gives new members an opportunity to share their recent work and gain experience amidst the biggest names in the industry. In the future, ZHIYUN will continue to offer new technology with practicality and usability and strive to be the pioneer in the gimbal industry for many years to come. The technologies hold a profound promise in shaping the future of entertainment and game. Who knows what the future will bring?

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