ZHIYUN Smooth 5 Review and Tutorial: The Best New Year Gift

The need for an enhanced heavy-duty dedicated smartphone gimbal paved the way for ZHIYUN Smooth 5. This mobile phone stabilizer comes with magnetic steel motors, a wide clamp for smoother performance, and a seamless user experience, all at an affordable price. This ZHIYUN tutorial explores more about this device.

What is Inside the Box?

The ZHIYUN Smooth 5 price depends on your kit selection:


● The basic gimbal, which costs $69, contains a foldable 3-axis gimbal, a USB-C cable, and a mini tripod.

● The combo pack, which costs an additional $50 at 219USD, comes with a protective bag, fill light and fillers, ZY Cami one-year prime service card, and a wrist strap.


Product Specification

One distinctive feature that’s continued from the ZHIYUN Smooth 4 is the control wheel at the side which allows you to zoom or pull focus. The ZHIYUN Smooth 5, with 3-axis stabilization, balances tilt, pan, and roll, while also offering various controls to pan and move through multiple camera options.


A common problem with wider angle lenses is that the roll axis motor shows up in the shot. The Smooth 5's efficient design fixes this issue by placing both the rotor and the mounting clamp against the phone's back and out of the shot.


ZHIYUN Smooth 5 Vs. ZHIYUN Smooth 4: What is New?

While both ZHIYUN gimbals offer an excellent filmmaking experience with 3-axis stabilization and various shooting modes, the ZHIYUN Smooth 5 is designed with a much wider range that can slide left or right to get the perfect balance for your smartphone. The device’s sleek arrangement of buttons offers an additional mode switching button that lets you switch between five different modes, taking your smartphone cinematography to the next level.


Key Features of ZHIYUN Smooth 5

The ZHIYUN Smooth 5 is feature-packed with its extensive payload support of 300 grams, making it one the highest among smartphone gimbals. The ZHIYUN tutorial mentions a redesigned round-cap joystick, optimized control panel, optional magnetic fill light, and adjustment wheel, which enhances the user’s ability to shoot captivating videos and adjust the gimbal status while changing camera parameters on the fly.


In addition, the Smooth 5’s 2600 mAh battery coupled with USB-C support ensures you can quickly charge the device after the 12-hour battery is drained.


How to Set Up ZHIYUN Smooth 5?

Setting up the Smooth 5 to use with your smartphone is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these three steps to have your ZHIYUN gimbal up and running.


1. Attach the Tripod to the ZHIYUN Smooth 5

Place the mini tripod that comes with the Smooth 5 by screwing and fixing the tripod to the small mount at the gimbal’s base until it is sturdy enough to balance your smartphone.


2. Mount Your Device to the ZHIYUN Smooth 5

Start by unlocking the vertical arm and pulling the pan axes motor downwards while holding the tilt until you hear a click. Keep the clamps as it is, or rotate them before inserting your smartphone to shoot in vertical or horizontal mode.


3. Activate the ZHIYUN Smooth 5

To activate your new gimbal, ensure your smartphone is connected to the internet and the Bluetooth is switched on. Next, balance the smartphone, and launch the ZY Cami app to connect the Smooth 5 with your phone via Bluetooth.


Once you have completed the activation process, you will be prompted to log in or register your device on the ZY Cami app. Now, all you have to do is tap the activation button to complete the process automatically.


The Different Modes of ZHIYUN Smooth 5

The ZHIYUN Smooth 5 comes with a mode button that enables users to effortlessly switch between various modes while also offering various shooting options. Some of these modes include standby, lock, follow, pan follow, point of view, and a recent addition, the vertigo mode, which allows you to make a full 360-barrel roll without accessing the Cami app.


How to Update the Firmware of ZHIYUN Smooth 5?

Your ZHIYUN Smooth 5 can be updated using your computer or the ZY Cami app on your smartphone. While both options work well, updating through the app is especially useful for content creators short on time. The process simply requires you to connect the Smooth 5 to the app and click the firmware upgrade option whenever the prompt occurs.


Successful Story of ZHIYUN

The leading smartphone stabilizer brand, ZHIYUN, takes people to a new era of portable mobile phone gimbals. ZHIYUN aims at providing both amateur and professional content creators with the capacity to shoot vibrant, cinematic videos at an affordable starting price. Manage all your filmography needs by visiting ZHIYUN for more information about smartphone gimbals and related accessories at https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en.

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