Operation Voltage

Max:12.6V Standard:11.1V Min:9.8V (Lab Data)

Operation Current

Max:6000mA Min:160mA

Operation Temperature

Max:45℃ Standard:25℃ Min:-10℃

Battery Runtime

Standard:9h (The data is collected at a specified temperature of 25℃. The WEEBILL-2 is fully charged with 18650-2600mAh battery

Output Voltage


Charging Time

Standard:1.6h (This test is conducted with a 24W PD Fast Charge at a specified temperature of 25℃. The charging time is 1.6h)


Following Deviation in Motion State

Max:±0.3° Standard:±0.1° Min:±0.05°

Following Deviation in Static State

Max:±0.04° Min:±0.01°

Tilt Mechanical Range

Max:+190° Min:-150°

Roll Mechanical Range

Max:+80° Min:-260°

Pan Mechanical Range


Product Size

319*225*62 (W*D*H)

Product Net Weight (Individual device)

1.47KG (including battery)