Operation Voltage

Max: 12.6V
Standard: 11.1V
Min: 9.6V

Operation Current

Max: 4700mA
Min: 130mA

Operation Temperature

Max: 50℃
Standard: 25℃
Min: -10℃

Output Voltage

Standard: 5V

Battery Runtime

(The data is collected at a specified temperature of 25℃. The CRANE-M3 is fully charged with 1150mAh battery and mounted with Nikon Z50+DX16-50 F3.5-6.3. The CRANE-M3 is properly balanced and put on a flat surface. The maximum runtime is 8h)

Charging Time

(This test is conducted with a QC-12W rated power adapter at a specified temperature of 25℃ . The charging time is 2h. (QC supports maximum of 12W, PD supports maximum of 12W.) The actual charging time varies with environmental factors. In addition


Tilt Mechanical Range

Standard: 309°

Roll Mechanical Range

Standard: 333°

Pan Mechanical Range

Standard: 360°

Product Size

280*74*157mm (W*D*H)

Product Net Weight (Individual device)

700g (with battery)